Play Softball on the Paddle Court at the US Open

A Cancha de padel in Mexico, also known as the Paddle Court, is a court made from wood that has been specially designed for playing tennis. The Cancha was originally designed by Ignacio Cano de Roa in the 1820s and has since gained popularity in Mexico and around the world. The primary difference between the normal paddle set up used on a standard tennis court and the Cancha set up is that the players use their own paddle to hit the ball across the court. The Cancha uses a unique “Paddle Court” to allow tennis players the advantage of hitting the ball while moving across the court using their paddles. Due to its unique design, the Cancha has been used as a competitive playing surface throughout the history of tennis.

Learn How To Start Paddle Court

The Cancha de Pueblo is ideal for players that prefer to play on an uphill court due to the increased slope on the court. It also offers many advantages for the advanced player as well, including but not limited to, greater backspin and slower playing speed. The court was originally built for doubles, but is now used by many single players due to its simplicity. It was originally built with three holes on each end, with three paddles on either end to push the ball across. However, today the court has holes only on one end.

The US Open and Futures Tennis Grand Prix, two of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, use the Cancha as their main court. There are several other professional players that use the Cancha de Pueblo as their primary court, including world number one player, Andy Murray. Many of the top players in the world have had a chance to play using the Cancha de Pueblo, including Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Kim Clijsters, Martina Navratilova, racket sportsman Andre Agassi and several others. This surface allows players that prefer playing on an uphill court to utilize their skills to the full, while players that prefer playing on flat courts can easily adapt to the surface’s slope.

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