Charlotte NC Drug Testing Facilities

Regardless of whether you choose a home drug testing or a car drug testing facility in Charlotte, you should know that your rights are not protected until you are charged with a crime. It is not a victim’s fault that a crime is committed against him or her and they cannot fight back in court to protect their rights. Once arrested for any drug offense, it is in their best interest to consult a criminal defense attorney who can advise them of their rights. If you are in a situation where you feel that a drug test was conducted without probable cause then you may be able to sue the testing facility, the police officer and the district attorney’s office for damages. A drug testing facility cannot make any excuses about why they do drug testing and they must give you a choice of accepting what is stated or taking your case to court.

How to Protect Your Rights During Random Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work?

Not all drug testing facilities perform random drug testing. Some of the facilities that do random drug testing only test people who are involved in crimes such as murder, assault, molestation and DWI. Another type of drug testing may be performed on an individual who has given permission by signing a release form. If the person tests positive for any drug then he or she can expect to be arrested and have their wages garnished. At the very least, they will be removed from the premises and their money returned to them.

Today in Charlotte NC there are many drug testing facilities that perform drug testing at the driver’s license or employment verification level. The primary goal for most of these drug testing facilities is to prevent the consumption of illegal drugs. Unfortunately many people choose to consume illegal drugs not for the legal consequences but because they believe that it is socially acceptable. As a result of this behavior many law abiding citizens who have been accused of drug possession, manufacture or distribution, have had their rights violated and their licenses have been suspended. Many innocent citizens who were wrongfully accused of these crimes have had their lives turned upside down and have lost their jobs and have been unable to reestablish themselves.

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