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Tree Removal Ballarat – Tree Lopping Service

At the time of this writing (March 2021) I had a large tree on my property which required to be removed from the arborist’s yard. The tree was on my main street and also posed a significant hazard to pedestrians, cars and motorbikes. This tree was not only an aesthetic issue but also presented a safety hazard for the local residents. This article attempts to describe the tree removal process in Ballarat.

Why Should You Use the Services of Ballarat & Oranges Pest Control

“At Aussie Tree Removal arborist Ballarat quality and security are of paramount importance.” received the tree service in the end of March and the arborist performed an excellent job of removing the tree, which was in an area which was subject to frequent vehicle traffic. The arborist and his crew left the site with no damaged trees. The reason for this is that they contacted a local arborist that specialises in tree care, tree removal and tree trimming and inspected the site prior to taking action.

“I would highly recommend Aussie Tree Removal Ballarat as it’s an eco friendly way to remove unwanted trees without impacting your surrounding environment.” The local state government environmental office is a member of the ABCP. “A well maintained park reduces the risk of damage to the environment” said Karyn O’Rourke who manages the park. “The state government has recently implemented a program called tree pruning zero waste which aims to reduce the impact of removing trees on landfill sites. For more information about the program you can search the web.”