10Gbps Dedicated Servers for Ultimate Performance

If you are running an enterprise level web hosting company and you want to go for the best 10Gbps Dedicated Server, there are some essential factors that you need to look into. You will need to ensure that you get one with plenty of hard drive space. Remember that you will be uploading and downloading large files from your database too so this is very important. It will be very useful to have a dedicated server that can accommodate not just your static files, but all the dynamic data as well. If you have a plan to take your business online, then it will be even more important to go in for the best 10Gbps Dedicated Server.

How to Select the Right Server for Your Needs

Even if you go in for the best 10Gbps Dedicated Server, you need to check out the speed of transfer. Simply having a fast server with a 10Gbps uplinks is not good enough. It has to be connected to either a high of rack-based switch that has enough backbone power to handle all of the network traffic as well. Not only your static data but anyone else is too. So if you are planning to upload video or any kind of a big file, then it is very important that your servers have got high bandwidth.

The best 10Gbps Dedicated Servers are available with both D-1500 dual core processors. They are manufactured by Intel and they offer an option of Dual Band Technology. This will allow them to connect to dual band devices such as printers, scanners as well as keyboards/ mice simultaneously. Also look out for the reliability side, as you would want good performance and reliability as well. So make sure that you get the best of the 10Gbps Dedicated Servers from your trusted provider.

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